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If you have dieted for years, you probably know the motivation you feel when you first start out. Your weight loss goal is clear, you're determined and nothing is going to stop you.

For the first few weeks, you stick to your plan - and your weight loss is exciting! You even feel that this time, your weight loss will be permanent, and you are absolutely determined that you will reach your goal - nothing is going to stop you.

But, as time goes on, your weight loss slows down and you may even gain a bit of weight. Sadly, you don't feel quite as motivated as before.

Then those old habit patterns start to slip in here and there and your calorie intake begins to increase bit by bit.

That may then be the point you then begin to think "well that's it, I've ruined it now," and the diet is blown out of the water.

If this as been the story for you so far then don't give up just yet because our weight management program may just be the answer that will finally allow you to achieve your weight goal.

When you book an appointment with us we will learn about you and discover what changes you need to make in your life in order to reach your weight goal. We will then help to create in you the self image of somebody that does not have a weight issue.

Trying to lose weight without changing your self-image is very similar to trying to hold your breath under water (new behaviors). For a certain of period of time you can stay under but as time goes by an urge to breathe overwhelms you and forces you to the surface (old behaviors)

In order to be successful with your weight you need to first have this positive self-image in your mind before you can have it for real. This may seem rather simplistic and it is, but unfortunately without out a system it can be difficult to implement over the long term.

We believe that we have that system...

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