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Weight Loss Hypnosis Manchester

Booking and Fees

Any price would surely be worth the unlimited benefits of being at your ideal weight, but we believe that the price we are offering is at a level that makes your decision simple.

We currently charge just £50 for a single weight loss session at GFM Hypnosis. We could easily charge much more for our services but we believe that the life changing moment of reaching your ideal weight should be available to everybody

The session usually last between 60 - 90 minutes and will be tailored to you. This is a unique opportunity to not only reach your goal weight but to maintain that weight.

Our office is situated in Ashton Under Lyne and is approximately 6 miles from the centre of manchester.

To book your appointment with us you can telephone, text or use our online booking form at the bottom of this page.

Tel: 0161 - 330 7025 (24 Hour Answering Service).

Text Booking - 07821 357 694 (Text appointment date and time).

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