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Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions that our clients ask us when they attend a weight loss session at GFM Hypnosis.

How Does The Program Work?

This program works by changing the behavior patterns that are directly related to your success or failure in weight reduction.

We achieve this by using one of the oldest and more traditional forms of change therapy; hypnotherapy.


Using this form of therapy allows us to achieve positive results because it allows us to work with the part of the mind in which behaviors originate.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a connection of two words – hypnosis and therapy. Hypnosis itself is not a treatment (apart from being relaxing), but is needed to perform the treatment (the therapy). Many people confuse the two and focus on the hypnosis rather than the therapy

Hypnosis as a therapy requires expertise from the therapist and a willingness to co-operate from the client. It is not someone doing something to someone else just as a driving instructor is not making the learner drive – they are teaching, supporting, providing ways and means to practice what is taught, being a guide until the learner can drive alone. So it is with hypnotherapy.

Is it safe and will I lose control?

Even though you may never have been to see an hypnotist before you have probably experienced a hypnotic state on more than one occasional already today.

Have you ever driven your car and arrived at your destination unable to remember your journey? Have you ever daydreamed? Have you been so engrossed in a film that you even felt emotional?

These are all examples of the trance state and it is this natural state which we can use during an hypnosis session that will help us to change those behaviors that you want changing. We say, 'what you want changing', because we have no control over you when you are in hypnosis. You are still conscious and listening to what is being said and because of that it is you who chooses to accept or reject the messages which are being said to you.

How many sessions will I need?

It usually takes just between two and four sessions for a person to get the results that they require with hypnosis.

Where is your office located?

Our office is situated in Ashton Under Lyne and is approximately six miles from the centre of Manchester. Our address is:

The Old Chapel
Oaken Clough
Ashton Under Lyne
OL7 9NX.

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